Find what you like through the charming local foodies!

Cinq (pronounced as “sank”.) is a new concept site to enable the powerful ingredient of share human experiences on a common platform for the purpose of recommending Japanese food and culture!
Everyone has a unique outlook and their individual tastes and ideas are influenced by one’s history and lifestyle. Cinq is much more than a restaurant guide. It is a website that introduces charming restaurants and food as well as the corresponding dishes to elevate your five senses.

When you are traveling in a new place it can be tough to find a place that suits one’s tastes and current cravings in a list of restaurants offered by a guidebook. Cing offers you a great way to connect with like minded people who share the same great taste and of course based upon the five senses.
Cinq introduces you to the local flavors that are hard to find unless guided by the true local insider who knows the neighborhood like the back of their hand. A sense of adventure is imperative to a true foodie in search of new flavors. Let Cing help guide your experience.

Get to know food through people.
Connect with people through food.

This is the goal of Cinq.
We like to provide quality over quantity. In today’s world there is abundance of information but we strive to focus our recommendations based upon the five senses. This in-turn provides you a unique and true Japanese restaurant experience based upon the experience of like-minded people.
There are many resources available that provide restaurant recommendations, but few provide insight into the culture and taste that capture the five senses. Our goal is to share real Japanese food culture that is enjoyed by locals. Above all, we would like many people from various countries to visit Japan and connect with the local the local flavors via the five senses.
Cinq brings to you food culture of local people that elevate the five senses. We hope you find it much easier to find the great experience that Japan has to offer.

Cinq has been built with the contribution of many creative volunteers. From contributing to the launch of this website to collecting articles from the numerous foodies and we at cinq would like to express our appreciation.

Miyuki Yokokawa

Special thanks

  • Patrick

  • Quinlan & Barbara

  • David T.

  • Faith

  • Kenta

  • Miwa & Nori

  • David G.

  • Erica

  • Larry



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