総合商社にて海外製ソフトウェアのマーケティング、及び広告宣伝業務に従事した後、建築士免許を取得してデザイン事務所を設立。店舗、住宅及び家具の設計デザインを10年、その後Institute of Culinary Education New YorkにてCulinary Artのディプロマを取得。当時ニューヨークにあるイタリアンで唯一のミシュラン2つ星レストランMareaの厨房を経て、帰国後は銀座KIHACHIの厨房へ。その後、PR事務所にてレストランPR業務に従事した後再び独立して現在に至る。



– ホテル、及び飲食店プロデュース(コンセプト立案、ブランディング)
– マーケティング、及びPR支援
– 食に纏わる商品、レシピ開発、及び監修
– ウェブサイト、他各種デザイン
– 食に係るイベント企画、及びディレクション
– インテリアデザイン、及びデコレーション


横川 美由紀



After I worked in marketing, advertising and PR in the biggest trading company for nine years I decided to change my career to be an architect and interior designer which is I dreamed about. After I got an architecture license, I started to work as a freelance and was enthusiastic about designing public spaces, residents and furnitures for a decade.

When I moved to New York (my be loved city), I realized that I want to devote myself to working in culinary world influenced by NYC’s diverse dining scene. Then I entered to the culinary school (ICE) and I spent my externship in two Michelin stars Italian restaurant Marea New York. After I moved back to Tokyo, I worked in the restaurant KIHACHI Ginza.

I joined the PR office and worked for two Michelin stars French restaurant ESqUISSE in Tokyo for several years. That was so incredibly precious experience to me working with magnificent chefs, sommelier, servers and I got to meet a lot of people who are highly related to culinary world in Japan.

After I left from PR office, I started to work as a freelance restaurant producer (concept building, branding support, making recipes, PR, website design, interior design, shooting direction and so on.).

The creative process is always fun for me, whether in food, product, space or website. In the years since I have experienced for several careers, I feel sure that these has borne fruit now.
Meanwhile, I have been dying to come back and spend rest of my life in NYC since I came from there though.

Miyuki Yokokawa