Bistro Jillビストロ ジル

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This bistro is hidden away in the basement of one of the multi-tenant buildings in front of Meguro station, an area so packed full of great bars and casual restaurants that it might be hard to spot. But it's a great place to enjoy wine and food served in generous portions at a reasonable price. They stock a wide-ranging selection of wines from around the world (including a surprisingly quaffable number from Israel), which are all served by the glass. As for the food, there's plenty to satisfy the meat-loving alpha male, from chicken cartilage and gizzard salad, to the hamburg steak (oozing in meat juices and a beautiful rose pink color inside), roasted 'pâté de campagne' and roast chicken hearts. But there are also non-meat dishes, such as the prawn and watercress 'gyoza' (steamed dumplings) prepared with anchovy butter. It's fairly lively and smoking is permitted inside, which means this place may not be suited to everyone's tastes, but this is a place well worth dropping in to for a look on your own some time.

  • Address :
    B1F, Megu-road Bldg, 2-26-5, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
    Phone :
    Reservation: (050)5869-9183, Information: (03)6417-0015
  • Hours :
    Mon-Sat 18:00~26:00, Sunday and National Holidays 18:00~23:00
  • Average price :
    4,000 yen
    Cuisine :
    Worth Ordering :
    Hamburg steak
  • Good to Know :
    If you are not comfortable in a smoking place, this might be not the place for you.
Area :



    July 7th to September 30th
    @Grand Oriental Minatomirai (KANAGAWA)
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